A new source of LNG fuel

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The Puget LNG Facility

Puget LNG is positioned to be the lead supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Pacific Northwest. Located in the Port of Tacoma, Puget LNG is focused on providing customers with a safe, reliable and economic source of LNG with various end uses.

With easy access to water and roadways, Puget LNG is located to efficiently provide LNG to transportation customers within the region. The port’s location also serves as an efficient port of call for LNG-fueled ships.

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Our Markets

Marine Markets

We are ideally placed to fulfill the LNG fueling needs of the marine industry in Puget Sound.

Used more and more in truck fleets, LNG has the potential to offer fuel cost savings for on-road transportation markets when compared to conventional diesel.

On-Road Transportation Markets

LNG has the potential to offer truck fuel cost savings when compared to conventional diesel.


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